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Best Common Core Apps and Websites for Teachers

Teaching the Common Core State Standards can be challenging: From lesson planning to instruction to assessment, there's a lot to learn and manage. Thankfully, these apps and websites make things easier. From calendaring to creating CCSS exit tickets and formative assessments to designing CCSS-aligned units, there's something for everyone on this list. There's also a collection of instructional tools for ELA and math that provide students with engaging, CCSS-aligned lessons, games, and interactives that'll help students achieve mastery of core skills.

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Planning and Assessment Resources


Exemplary Common Core-aligned lessons from rock star peers at large

Bottom line: Get a head start on the Common Core transition with this professional community for great classroom-ready lessons.

Common Curriculum

Sleek lesson planner replaces bulky binders, promotes collaboration

Bottom line: Ditch pen-and-paper planning; embrace the flexibility of collaborative lesson planning and calendar design.

Goalbook Toolkit

Set tailored targets with pricey but worth-it kit of tools, strategies

Bottom line: You pay for quality with Goalbook Toolkit, including access to clear, well-crafted learning goals and strategies that allow for far easier differentiation.

Common Core Quest

Comprehensive CCSS-aligned resource for instruction and assessment

Bottom line: Test prep made easy empowers teachers and students to focus on areas needing improvement.


Powerful formative assessment tool tracks achievement of standards

Bottom line: Efficient platform supports teachers who are expected to assess and track student progress on meeting standards.

Goalbook Pathways

Helpful differentiating tool for CCSS has room to grow

Bottom line: Currently a rich reference for teachers looking to demystify differentiation and CCSS, Goalbook Pathways will be truly worth the investment when it's also a place for creation.

Metria Master Teacher Edition

All-in-one standards planning, assessment tool supports quality instruction

Bottom line: With adequate time and resources, the tool can be a fantastic organizational support to those transitioning to standards-aligned planning and assessment.


Address learning gaps with innovative but pricey live math coaches

Bottom line: A neat, highly useful coaching tool that won't transform CCSS instruction but removes some of the pain of tracking student progress and differentiation.


Solid tool for creating CCSS-aligned assignments and assessments

Bottom line: If you're an online assessment geek, look no further for your go-to interactive questions tool.


Upgrade your grading with tool for mastery-based tracking

Bottom line: For those trained in standards-based grading, a solid way to collect, track, and report mastery-based achievement.

Instructional Resources for ELA and Math


Immediate feedback and breadth a major plus, despite emphasis on drills

Bottom line: Students can improve targeted skills with tons of practice modules and visually appealing tasks.


Target standards-based skills with dynamic practice and assessments

Bottom line: Rich with content-aligned assessments, activities, printable worksheets, and progress analytics, this valuable resource promotes skills mastery through practice.


Differentiate reading instruction with high-quality texts and lessons

Bottom line: The quality and scope of texts, lesson plans, assessments, and supports on this platform can help facilitate targeted reading instruction in any classroom.


Quality Common Core-aligned lessons with great modeling for teachers

Bottom line: An innovative way to enhance lessons and tailor learning for individual needs.

ReadWorks Digital

Research-based site makes it easy to assign, differentiate readings

Bottom line: An effective digital reinvention of the trusted ReadWorks platform that makes it simple to distribute and track high-quality reading assignments.

TenMarks Math

Responsive and adaptive math practice for every grade level

Bottom line: Adaptive K–12 math practice that hones in on students' areas for growth with lots of potential to empower.


Absorbing daily news stories offer kids just-right learning content

Bottom line: Up-to-date, high-interest articles meet students right at their level: Use this robust tool to bolster students' nonfiction reading practice.


Superb ELA resource has comprehensive coverage, tons of supports

Bottom line: StudySync offers a complete core literacy program for secondary schools, making it easy to recommend, especially for teachers new to digital platforms.


Feature-rich literacy resource offers superb support for readers

Bottom line: Access a hefty collection of reliable, ready-to-print, leveled passages that allow you to tailor lessons, assign online reading, and track progress.


Toughest palates can't resist appetizing look at real-world math

Bottom line: Easy-to-deliver lessons use real-world topics tweens like.

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