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Best Anatomy Apps and Websites for Students

Learning anatomy and physiology can be tough for students, especially at higher levels; not only is there a lot to remember, but it can be difficult to comprehend how the body systems all work together. As students dive into the organs of the respiratory or digestive system, they'll gain an appreciation for structure and function, and they'll understand how our anatomy influences our health and the medical field. Give Gray's Anatomy a rest with these picks that provide some amazing interactive models, let students perform virtual dissections on animals, and reveal every detail of the human body.

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Top Picks


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Mammals by Tinybop

Anatomy exploration app most effective with teacher guidance

Bottom line: Students will learn the most from this fun free-explore app when teachers follow the included guide and supplement with their own lessons.

This is my body - Anatomy for kids

Age-appropriate content and graphics = fun, effective K-5 resource

Bottom line: Adding more audio or changing the text to manuscript could make this fun and fascinating anatomy resource for young kids even better.


Super STEM, social studies resource with highly customizable content

Bottom line: Making content accessible to kids with different learning styles, CK-12 could be the key to mastery for some students.


Impressive, interactive 3D models augment classroom learning

Bottom line: While some models are lower resolution and less appealing, Lifeliqe is still a no-brainer for supplying mostly clear, professional 3D models for deep investigation.

The Human Body by Tinybop

Interactive anatomy atlas has great learning potential, some guidance

Bottom line: Creative, interactive app for human body education, especially suited to kids who enjoy free play.


Gorgeous frog anatomy app provides realism without depth

Bottom line: Students can closely examine a frog's anatomy and life cycle in a gorgeous, clean, and reusable way, but teachers will need to supplement the app for a complete lesson.

Arloon Anatomy

Explore the human body from the inside out

Bottom line: An interactive 3-D simulation that lets kids dive into the human body and learn about how it works along the way.

Frog Dissection

Amazingly detailed virtual lab means a clean, frog-friendly dissection

Bottom line: Affordable virtual dissection with extensive factual resources helps students learn.


Macro and micro anatomy lessons need updated multimedia

Bottom line: Content is comprehensive, but the app lags behind competitors that use multimedia or interactive activities.

Rat Dissection

Virtual lab helps students learn about rat anatomy in cool 3D

Bottom line: Useful tool for teaching or practicing dissection, which is a valuable lesson in the science lab.

Zygote Body

Control, create, and explore stunning 3-D human body visuals

Bottom line: A great way for students to test themselves as they manipulate 3-D images of the human body.


Explore every bit of the human body in this powerful, interactive 3D tour

Bottom line: This visually stunning, incredibly useful way to virtually explore the human body is a must for the anatomy classroom.

A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy

Explore detailed images with powerful, customizable anatomy curriculum

Bottom line: A stellar tool that tops other 3-D interactive anatomy sites with its extensive curriculum-building capabilities.

All About Bird Biology

Stellar videos and games fill a narrow but rich niche in the classroom

Bottom line: Engaging images and info, but more explicit education connections would make this classroom-ready.


High-quality multimedia brings biological research to life

Bottom line: Superb multimedia tools and lesson plans help kids explore biology through real-world examples.

Visual Anatomy

Content-rich, clearly illustrated anatomy tool organized by body system

Bottom line: Interactive, content-rich reference tool is an excellent resource for kids studying human anatomy and physiology.

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