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10 Best Science Tools for Elementary

Inspiring an interest in science at a young age encourages kids to question the world around them and make decisions based on logic and reasoning. As their skills develop and they get nearer to middle school, students will begin to craft more complex ideas and consider solutions that address common scientific phenomena. The apps and websites compiled here help elementary teachers build quality inquiry experiences for their students, laying the foundation for lifelong curiosity about how the world works and why. 

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National Geographic Kids

Stunning photos and in-depth stories of Earth's peoples and wildlife

Bottom line: This large collection of multimedia resources teaches younger students about animals, habitats, countries, and cultures.


Compelling science videos have high-quality classroom applications

Bottom line: Stellar simulations, teacher guides, and other activities can stand on their own, and they're enhanced with high-quality video content.

BrainPOP Jr.

Top-notch videos and activities a boon for elementary school teachers

Bottom line: BrainPOP Jr. sets the bar for top-quality online learning supplements.

Lawrence Hall of Science: 24/7 Science

Outdated site still useful for science games and investigations

Bottom line: Many of these interesting and highly educational activities, though a bit disorganized, still challenge and engage kids in important ways.

Mystery Science

Big questions, kids' curiosity drive impressive science curriculum

Bottom line: These powerful science units capitalize on elementary school students' natural curiosity.

Tinybop Schools

Collection of STEM simulations that students will love to explore

Bottom line: Tinybop Schools offers meaningful scientific exploration to students, particularly when partnered with good teaching and discussion.

Journey North

Long-standing citizen science site continues to inspire learners

Bottom line: Extensive resources can help kids collect, share, and analyze evidence about seasonal change.


Find, create, and assign lessons in dynamic project-based learning hub

Bottom line: A dynamic resource for finding, creating, and rating lessons that support STEAM, PBL, and flipped or virtual classrooms.

Gizmos & Gadgets

Top-notch tool empowers kids to invent, build, and control wirelessly

Bottom line: Easy-to-use, versatile electronic invention set that works wirelessly with your hand-held device.

Climate Kids

Kid-friendly, expert site explores key climate issues

Bottom line: A great launching point for engaging in accurate and timely climate change information.

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