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Price: Free
Platforms: Web

Pros: Highly flexible for organization/productivity and exceptionally easy to use.

Cons: There's no calendar integration feature to highlight deadlines; basic layout lacks bells and whistles.

Bottom Line: A simple, free way to get organized combining lists, outlines, and notes with some extra nice-to-have features that make this tool a solid option for teachers and students.

Teachers can use WorkFlowy to manage their own workload and to support students as they develop their organizational skills. As a professional tool, it helps teachers keep track of the massive number of tasks that they need to get done each day by making bulleted lists. Teachers can also create simple outlines of their lesson plans or notes to support lectures or other classroom assignments. In addition, teachers can use the sharing feature to collaborate with colleagues on curriculum. For students, especially those who have trouble remembering their homework, WorkFlowy can be of great benefit as they can write down their assignments and monitor what they need to complete. In the classroom, students may want to use the sharing feature to assign and manage tasks for group projects or to take notes -- or to share their growing plans with a teacher, an adviser, or a parent for added accountability, monitoring, and encouragement.

WorkFlowy is a productivity tool that lets you make unlimited lists. Enter your email, create a password, and you're off and running on an intuitive do-as-you-learn tutorial that teaches you how to easily make lists, take notes, brainstorm, plan, and outline. To begin, you start entering text and it automatically becomes a bullet point. You can then add more bullet points or sub-points that turn into a nested list. These lists can serve as to-do lists, class notes, plans for a project, or outlines for a paper. In addition to the app's basic list-making features, you can star items for quick access, share your lists with a private URL, and zoom to highlight specific tasks. There's an extensive help section that provides how-to videos, blog articles on the benefits, keyboard shortcuts, and detailed responses to FAQs.

Organization is a core skill for school success, and students who don't stay organized tend to perform below their ability in the classroom. WorkFlowy provides a simple, highly usable digital platform to help users stay organized, and it could be highly beneficial to students who struggle with forgetfulness. This tool could be a great fit for the devices in a 1-to-1 classroom, where students can take notes, manage assignments, and collaborate with their classmates using their device. This tool's simple design and easy-to-use features make it accessible for all types of learners, and should increase the willingness of students to try it out. The daily email digest is a good reminder of what tasks you've completed and what still needs to get done. Currently, there is no deadline or calendar feature; however, there's mention on the developer's site that these types of capabilities are in development.

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Although there's nothing fancy to attract student interest, the tool's simplicity and obvious benefits should increase its appeal. Students may prefer using it for digital note-taking and collaboration rather than list-making.


Workflowy provides teachers with list-making, note-taking, and collaboration tools for managing their own mountain of work, and teachers can share these powerful capabilities with their students.


The Workflowy site is simple to use and well-organized. The FAQ page, help videos, and blog articles combine to provide a high level of support.

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Use WorkFlowy to get students focused on the task

Not only can this be an instructional tool that helps support students through a lesson, but you are modeling the step by step process it takes to get through any task. Making a list of items to be done, providing the details to complete the task, and keeping yourself organized are essential executive function tasks. This tool supports students through that in a clean, easy to follow way. The space is limited in the free version, but WorkFlowy makes it easy to get started and begin with students. It's great! The tutorials are also very helpful to get started.

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