Most powerful blogging platform and community with caveats

Submitted 9 years ago
Bill  G.
Bill G.
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This review is for the website, not the freely downloaded software from The community is a rich source of information and thought-provoking discussions. However, it's lack of filtering options for age appropriate material is problematic for using the website as a student blogging platform without adult supervision. It is no different than turning kids loose on the unfiltered Internet without supervision. It could be useful for classroom blogs, supervised by an adult, but do not allow young children to use the website unsupervised.

How I Use It is the website I use with my college level students when I need them to set up a quick and easy to use blog website. If I were a K–12 educator, I would use for locating content to explore, as well as possibly setting up a classroom blog. There is a vibrant community of bloggers on that is a rich resource for learning. However, there is also easy access to inappropriate content.

At home, with my own children, we use the powerful WordPress blogging platform, but on a separate hosting service apart from This requires considerable time and technology expertise to accomplish, but in the end it is a wonderful experience for my kids to have their own blogs that I have full control of.