WordPress allows students to write for a greater audience beyond their peers in the classroom

Submitted 4 years ago
Jeanne H.
Jeanne H.
Bellarmine Preparatory School
Tacoma WA, US
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My Take

WordPress is an ideal website for bloggers, writers, etc. It is also a realistic teaching tool. I think the students enjoy tinkering with the features, especially those who are technologically savvy. I keep a blog as well because I think as a teacher I should model what I desire from my pupils. I find WordPress relatively intuitive, but a bit clunky with images. That could be my user error, however.

How I Use It

I require that my students keep a journal or blog on literature, writing, or life in general. I also ask them to compile and create a writing portfolio at the end of the year as well. WordPress provides the perfect platform for those emerging writers who seek a greater audience. However, some of my students are not comfortable yet putting their thoughts out there, so I allow those who are reticent to write privately in a physical binder/notebook. I wonder if WordPress has an option for privacy.