WordPress - Powerful Blog creation site

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

WordPress has many features and is very powerful. The final product can be very impressive and with alot of templates, widgets and features, you can create blog, webpages, etc. that really suit your vision. It is also very easy to maintain and change skins, with many templates available.

However, while the initial set up was quick, I found the learning curve intense to get the page set up the way I wanted, taking some time with many things to get used to. My more tech minded students took to it quickly, however, some others really took a long time to get going. But once set up, the students were pleased with their final product and that was an incentive to continue using it.

How I Use It

I have used it to create a site to share information for my class, listing course materials and links for my students and even linking a google calendar as a widget so the students could see when work was due.

I have also had the students use it to create blogs, with moderate success.