Where's the Learning in Where's My Water?

Submitted 8 years ago
Laura  F.
Laura F.
Assistant Principal
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My Take

While a claim can be made that perhaps this app helps bolster a student's problem solving capacity, there is no element of the app that allows such a claim to be substantiated. Don't get me wrong... this is a fun game. Certainly, there is a time and place for this. However, there are a variety of curriculum-aligned apps that allow for students to build, create and problem-solve within the content being studied. With so much to teach and such little time to teach it, this app doesn't contain enough "meat" related to content to make a significant enough impact on real learning.

How I Use It

This product was played by six students in a science class on individual devices for approximately 20 minutes. Students were not able to save multiple profiles, but were able to translate into several languages. The object of the game is to get clean water to the main character, Swampy. Upon reflection, students were highly engaged in the game play, frequently helping each other through the puzzles. This product did not increase student understanding of the importance of water conservation or state of matter.