Great Problem Solving

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

It is a natural problem solving application. You have to make the water run smoothly in the time frame allowed. Students are naturally motivated to solve the problem. I like using it in classes because children are motivated to play the game and solve the problem. It presents problems in fun ways that as a teacher I could not come up with! A great use of technology especially for a teacher who isn't used to using a whole lot of technology in class, easy to use and super motivating!

How I Use It

Students play the game and reflect on the angles needed to make the water run to the locations to get the water into the bathtub. It is a good game for all ages. Younger children discuss how to make it work, older children can begin to add mathematic language to describe how to project the water to solve the problem. It's multilevel suits a variety of skill levels. This game is addicting! When I use it in class, I will give children the chance to discuss how they solved the level and share the 'tricks' they learned. We project the ipad onto the SMART board and watch as the children solve the puzzle. This ends up sparking exciting conversation about how and why you get get the water where you want it to go!