It's just like your real classroom, only digital... organize this digital classroom once, then mold it as you go.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I find my website to be my planning device. As I was taught by a master teacher to calendar out lessons in advance, I now do that on my website, posting the information and worksheets, rubrics, and links to grades. My planning doubles as my legwork for the class as well as the communication out to the students. It truly creates an efficient way to coordinate my plans, students, and parents/guardians.

How I Use It

I use Weebly's easy user interface to create a classroom website. I find that is allows for a great deal of control in the look and design, without overwhelming the user with html or too many options.

Over the course of four years, I have been able to develop my website into a useful, living document that can house information over the long- and shot-term. Some things, like classroom expectations, I needed to create once, and then can refer to each year, and save paper. Other things, like changing contact information around the district is easily updated and immediately available to students and families.

Most recently, I've been linking my lesson content that lives on the could in my Google Drive, to my website. This allows students to work at their own pace by revisiting presentations if they need to, or can allow for catching up if they missed a lesson due to illness. Best yet, the work I place into creating those content pages is not lost when I'm ready to move to the next unit. I can simply hid the page from public view, then repost it when I'm ready to present that lesson a following year.

I've also dolled up the site with photos from school events, and videos made by students. I routinely upload the quarterly newsletters to keep an archive of the schools progress toward stated goals. It's also a perfect place to put quick links to otherwise cumbersome district requirements like parent surveys.

While it does offer opportunity for students to create their own websites, I have not used it in this way. I have briefly used it for blogging in the classroom and for assignment submissions, but have since turned away from those functions of the resource.