Not user friendly for whole class - unless each kid has his/her own device and internet @ home...

Submitted 7 years ago
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My take is that it would work fine if you did this individually, but it is difficult to do as a whole class unless you have students with their own devices and internet access. I would opt for something else - Live Binder or Dropbox maybe.

How I Use It

I TRIED to use it with my whole class for displaying work. However, only 10 users can log on at once from any one IP address, so it became nearly impossible to use as a whole class. Of course, this policy didn't kick in until after I had paid the $50 so that my kids could have enough pages to display work for all seven classes (they could only have five pages on the free version). I called to ask how to make it work for my whole class, and the customer service representative told me that was not possible. I also could not get my money back nor recover the documents my kids had scanned onto their sites. the only way it would work, he said, was to add at least two more IP addresses in my classroom or have kids only work on the website from home - not possible in a very low income, very rural community. It becomes an equity issue then, and I cannot support that.