Intuitive and easy-to-learn voice recorder that allows recordings to be embedded or linked elsewhere.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I really like this tool, mainly because of its ease of use. An account or log in is not required, and as long as there is access to a microphone, it works flawlessly every time. I like that students can record their performance, listen to it, and decide if they are happy with the recording or if they want to re-record it. I can see foreign language teachers enjoying this tool as students can record themselves speaking in a foreign language, and it would give them great practice. It would also work well for younger students who are learning to read and write. They could write narratives and then read and record them. They would have the benefit of hearing themselves reading aloud.

How I Use It

I have used Vocaroo in a variety of ways with students. My students learn in a blended learning environment and work mainly independently, not attending campus every day. When their assignment is to give a speech, recite poetry, or anything else that requires vocalizing information, they can write out their text and then record their performance assignment from the convenience of home when they are ready. They can then either place a link to the recording into an LMS, document, or email, or embed the recording onto an LMS or website. It works really well. I have also used Vocaroo to post recorded announcements on the LMS for my online courses.