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This tool was very simple to use and really made recording my lessons for online school SO easy! Rerecording was very simple and I would recommend it to both students and teachers.

I really enjoyed this service! All the other sites like this were so complicated or had so many advertisements you could hardly see the screen. This site allows students to record their assignments which is especially helpful in foreign language classes! It works very straightforwardly and I recommend it to anyone in need of a simple recording service for their lessons.
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Easy Online Recording Tool

One of the best tools for recording student voices. The simplicity is part of its attraction since there's only two buttons on the site: Record+Listen. Students click RECORD, then speak into their device's microphone, and then instantly listen back to their recordings. For many younger students, this is the first time they've heard their own voices! Great way to build fluency!
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Intuitive and easy-to-learn voice recorder that allows recordings to be embedded or linked elsewhere.

I really like this tool, mainly because of its ease of use. An account or log in is not required, and as long as there is access to a microphone, it works flawlessly every time. I like that students can record their performance, listen to it, and decide if they are happy with the recording or if they want to re-record it. I can see foreign language teachers enjoying this tool as students can record themselves speaking in a foreign language, and it would give them great practice. It would also work well for younger students who are learning to read and write. They could write narratives and then read and record them. They would have the benefit of hearing themselves reading aloud.
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Simple and Free web-based audio recording tool with no login required

I think that Vocaroo is an excellent tool for teachers and learners to create simple and quick audio recordings. If recording longer than 2-3 minutes I would probably record using another application like Audacity or Adobe Audition that is not dependent on a internet connection. Apparently, recordings can be lost or generate errors if the a connection is briefly lost. Keep in mind this site does not work on iOS devices as the in-browser recorder option has been disabled.
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Easy and effective audio recording tool

Vocaroo is the easiest web-based recording tool I've used. I like all the options for sharing and saving, and students like how simple and straight-forward it is. I can't think of any way to improve it. It does what it is supposed to do very well.
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