Thorough and Aligned!

Submitted 9 years ago
Rabiah H.
Rabiah H.
Kelly Miller Middle School
Washington DC, US
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My Take

I liked this resource a lot better before they were bought by Pearson. At that time there were quizzes and practice that you could align with the videos and test student's understanding. After the quizzes were taken off, we switched to another tool that students had much more difficulty with. My students complained about the teacher voice on VirtualNerd, but eventually (when we switched to the other tool) wanted to go back to VirtualNerd!

How I Use It

I used it in a SummerBridge program for rising 9th graders. I loved it the way that it was when it had a practice/assessment component. I think the videos are informative and the ability to go back and replay for students who need it when working individually is extremely useful. A lack of data behind video watching for teachers does make this less useful in a blended learning setting.