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Videos aligned with Common Core standards that have clear explanations and supporting visual notes.

I like to have videos that support each skill to offer to my students that they can use outside of the class. The same woman presents the videos. The visual is simple and basic with few distractions. I especially like the clear way she writes on the board. This is one of may favorite video sites for teaching.
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Love the videos - wish all of it was free.

Virtual Nerd videos are some of the best out there. They are well organized and get right to the point. The notes that appear as the teacher is talking is great for kids who struggle with note taking. I would love to use the online formative quizzes but unfortunately those come at a fee.
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Flipped, QR or independent... this works for ALL!

Excellent resource for various forms of independent and group learning. It could easily be used for a flipped lesson or for advanced learners to explain concepts.
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Thorough and Aligned!

I liked this resource a lot better before they were bought by Pearson. At that time there were quizzes and practice that you could align with the videos and test student's understanding. After the quizzes were taken off, we switched to another tool that students had much more difficulty with. My students complained about the teacher voice on VirtualNerd, but eventually (when we switched to the other tool) wanted to go back to VirtualNerd!
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Well organized and useful!

My first impression was that it was well organized. This matters as I do not have a ton of time to search and figure out websites. This will also be helpful for students. The videos are of great quality and not taken from Khan Academy. The only downside is that some of my students do not like the teacher's voice. That is minor.
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