Excellent resource for designing 3D objects

Submitted 5 years ago
Carli M.
Carli M.
Graduate Student, Early Childhood Education
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Tinkercad will be an invaluable tool for my classroom. With so many potential applications, the possibilities for creative learning are endless. I LOVE the fact that my students can make creations to transport into their Minecraft worlds. I am very excited for my students to experience all the possibilities this site has to offer!

How I Use It

There are so many potential educational applications for this product! I envision using it for science and social studies projects, but can also see using it for history or even literature lessons.

I used Tinkercad for a social studies lesson recently that used the option to create objects to use in Minecraft: The students would first research Native American and early European-American villages as they would have appeared during the time of Cincinnati's birth as a settlement. The students would then use Minecraft Education Edition to create their own version of one of these villages, including shelters, utensils, crops and other details that would generate a realistic interpretation of what Cincinnati looked like in its earliest days. Tinkercad would be used to create a 3D item that would exist during this time period, such as a teepee or a cabin, or any other implement that settlers or Native Americans would have used. They would build the items using blocks, like they would in Minecraft, then export the item into their world. The students would also 3D print their creations.

To test out my idea, I used Tinkercad to design a flatboat that would have been used by the settlers to travel down the Ohio River to Cincinnati. I was really impressed by how easy it was to use, and by the end product as a 3D print. The tutorials were really informative and made the process all the more easy to follow.