Great introduction to 3D printing/creating.

Submitted 7 years ago
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When we got the printers, I was searching and searching for projects to use with my students. I kept just finding projects that we just needed to print and then tinker around with. While my students did enjoy it, I was looking for more in depth ideas to get them started from the very beginning. That's when I found Tinkercad. It has classes that you can sign up for and work through with the students, or have them do on their own, that start at the very basic steps to a lot more complex. They also have some projects and ideas that you can use to challenge your students. Overall, this has been exactly what I was looking for to help introduce our students to the world of 3D printing and creating. I highly recommend taking a look.

How I Use It

We have just recently purchased two 3D printers at my school and were looking for a way to introduce students into creating with them. Up until I found this program, we were only downloading and printing other people's creations. Now, with a small group of students to start, I have them going through the introductory lessons with me for us all to learn together how to create and print our own models. It is going very well with easy to follow, easy to do step by step instructions that are showing us all the steps we need to learn to create our own ideas and see them come to life!