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Price: Free
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: TikTok's popularity means it'll likely get kids excited to participate, and its creation tools give students a lot of agency.

Cons: It's difficult -- if not impossible -- for educators to control what students see or the settings on individual accounts, so use is risky.

Bottom Line: With clear parameters and permission from caregivers, this wildly popular platform could put some pizazz in projects.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

TikTok is a hugely popular social media platform that features scrollable short videos. Though it's primarily known for comedy and dance challenges, the topics of the videos vary widely, and the videos are often highly -- and creatively -- edited. Educators often create mini-lessons that students can watch multiple times. And, if students have accounts, they can provide evidence of learning asynchronously. Using the Duet feature, students can also build on a teacher's post. Because of its popularity, TikTok is a vehicle to meet students where they already are and deliver content in a format they're familiar with.

Before you decide to use TikTok for instruction, it's important to familiarize yourself with settings and potential pitfalls. There are ways to turn off comments, only share posts with students, and more, so check out Common Sense Media's Parents' Ultimate Guide and our review to gather information, and consider your school's social media policies

Learning Rating

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No doubt -- kids love TikTok. And there's plenty to explore in terms of educational content and creation. However, the value of those experiences is definitely variable.


Cool editing tools and educational content allow for creation and consumption, but quality will vary. 


There are some accessibility tools and creator tutorials online, but privacy, security, and safety are all concerns when using TikTok.

Common Sense reviewer
Christine Elgersma
Christine Elgersma Senior Editor, Learning Content Strategy

Community Rating

This is a creative tool that teachers can use to discuss a quick point, subject or provide instructions for a particular class

I feel that it could be a quick and useful educational tool for professors to use. However, it is very limited since the amount of time one has to deliver a post is three minutes. Professors can choose to make multiple posts but this might be unorganized. Therefore, I believe that the media type falls short of certain capabilities. The application is very good for holding students interest and attention since professors who use it only have a restrictive amount of time to deliver information. But, this can also be confusing a professors cannot use these applications to discuss difficult and extensive subject matter.

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Privacy Rating

Data Safety How safe is this product?

  • Users can interact with trusted users.
  • Users can interact with untrusted users, including strangers and/or adults.
  • Profile information must be shared for social interactions.

Data Rights What rights do I have to the data?

  • Users can create or upload content.
  • Users retain ownership of their data.
  • Processes to access or review user data are available.

Ads & Tracking Are there advertisements or tracking?

  • Personal information is shared for third-party marketing.
  • Traditional or contextual advertisements are displayed.
  • Personalised advertising is displayed.

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