This is a creative tool that teachers can use to discuss a quick point, subject or provide instructions for a particular class

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

I feel that it could be a quick and useful educational tool for professors to use. However, it is very limited since the amount of time one has to deliver a post is three minutes. Professors can choose to make multiple posts but this might be unorganized. Therefore, I believe that the media type falls short of certain capabilities. The application is very good for holding students interest and attention since professors who use it only have a restrictive amount of time to deliver information. But, this can also be confusing a professors cannot use these applications to discuss difficult and extensive subject matter.

How I Use It

I would use this resource in two different ways. I would create a teacher profile allowing all classmates to have access to it. Here I can make announcements to the class such as what we will be learning for the week or provide instructions for homework, or even discuss topics that might be confusing. Students can post comments if they have any questions and answer others as well. Also, I could potentially use it as a project. I can encourage my students to create a post within a particular time limit on an educational subject. Students can use this as a medium to deliver presentations.