ThingLink allows students an organized way to analyze an image, political cartoon, map, etc... by incorporating active links and their own thoughts.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lauren A.
Lauren A.
Social Studies teachers, 7-12
Mount Pleasant Area School District
Mount Pleasant PA, US
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ThingLink was an excellent tool in my opinion because it not only allowed students to learn and utilize a new graphic technology, but that technology was able to advance their own comprehension of the material which is the basis of implementing technology into the classroom.

How I Use It

I am a secondary Social Studies teacher adn utilize ThingLink in msot of my classes. My most recent students based project was in my American History class where students were learning how to analyze a political cartoon using literary elements. Students chose an applicable political cartoon in which they analyzed its meaning through the literary terms by highlighting areas of the cartoon where they saw fit. They then incorporate their own thoughts and ideas and embedded links to videos and websites to further back up their claim. Some of my advanced students had the opportunity to achieve higher level thinking by finding a contrasting image and linking that image onto their existing political cartoon.