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Simple design, customizable quizzes make test practice tolerable

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Critical Thinking, Math, Science, World Languages

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Assessment, Productivity

Price: Free
Platforms: Web

Pros: Teachers will love how easy it is to create and grade multiple versions of the same test.

Cons: It's pretty basic; you definitely don't have as many options as with other educational platforms or quiz tools.

Bottom Line: It's free, easy to use for both teachers and students, and, although basic, a pretty solid way to gather classroom data.

That Quiz can be a useful tool for learning because it immediately lets kids see their score, what they got wrong, and the correct answer. It also makes it easy for teachers to give kids another chance and provide a new version of an assessment. All they have to do is press Regenerate, and an entirely new test appears that addresses the exact same concepts. Features like that have the potential to save a ton of time! And if you're using standards-based grading or working in competency-based classrooms, you'll be extra grateful for this automated test generation.

That Quiz can be very helpful for differentiation, remediation, and providing alternative forms of an assessment. Its many options make it a versatile tool; you can import tests created by other teachers or make your own. Shorter quizzes could be merged later to produce a larger final exam.

That Quiz is a website featuring multiple-choice, matching, and short-answer tests on a variety of core subjects. Most of its content is math-oriented, with quizzes on arithmetic to calculus, but it also includes tests on science, geography, and four languages. Click on a quiz like "Shapes," and you're presented with the image of a rectangle and four multiple-choice options. Guess correctly, and your right answer will be recorded in the upper right corner. You can also choose which shapes you'd like to be quizzed on, whether you want the quiz to be timed, and a handful of other options. Each assessment is graded by the site, and kids get immediate feedback. Kids can access their tests by having a test code, a link to their class home page, or an email notification. A teacher account gives teachers the ability to design and assign tests. It also lets teachers view grade reports for each student on each quiz.

Some standout quizzes:

  • African Geography Test: Identify all the countries in Africa.
  • Graphs Test: Answer questions about pictograms, bar graphs, box plots, and any other graph you choose.
  • Elements Test: Pick the location of elements such as sodium on the periodic table.

Creating tests is easy and quick with That Quiz. It's not super slick, but the levels of customization make up for the slightly boring interface. Kids can learn about almost anything; there are tons of math quizzes and a reasonable amount of content in other areas. Math questions range from basic arithmetic to calculus, and vocabulary quizzes are available for people learning English, French, Spanish, or German. Kids will also find science practice on cells, anatomy, elements, and conversions.

Note: Testing security is always a concern with online tests, and certain precautions should be taken to preserve the integrity of the quizzes you create. Unless it's a practice test, don't assign it until your actual class period. Students should also protect their passwords to prevent others from taking tests using their name.

Learning Rating

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The design is about as simple as can be, but that guarantees no distractions. Kids should have fun playing for speed and beating their scores; other than that, quiz-taking is pretty straightforward.


The depth of knowledge assessed depends on the type of questions selected for each test. There's a lot of memorization but also the option to do some complex thinking with, for example, higher math quizzes.


It's available in 12 languages, and quizzes can be modified for kids at different levels.

Common Sense reviewer

Community Rating

Easy set up. Great for day-to-day activities.

It was not difficult to create an account, from the teachers point of view. The design of the app is clean, meaning that it is easy to navigate. It even provides a tutorial to show how the app works.
In addition, students have the option to take practice quizzes. I think that’s a neat feature. If students come to a point where they care enough about their grades, they can still engage with the app even when they don’t have homework.

This app is pretty easy to use, if teachers use questions that the app itself generates. But it can get a little tricky and take more time if the teacher wants to come up with their own questions.
When a quiz is created it almost seems that it is more effective to assign it right away because the User Interface to edit a quiz later is really not that intuitive. Teachers already have enough going on. Editing a simple quiz shouldn’t have to take much time.

From a UX design perspective. I think the mobile app needs to be more intuitive for parents. Right now it’s confusing to know how to view children’s grades. They should also have the option to see quiz questions, so they can see where their children need help.

Aside from nitpicking this tool, I think it’s a great way to quickly assess students in day-to-day class activities. It helps in giving teachers a better sense of what students might be struggling with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t encourage high-level thinking of the SAMR model nor Bloom’s taxonomy.

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