Easy set up. Great for day-to-day activities.

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

It was not difficult to create an account, from the teachers point of view. The design of the app is clean, meaning that it is easy to navigate. It even provides a tutorial to show how the app works.
In addition, students have the option to take practice quizzes. I think that’s a neat feature. If students come to a point where they care enough about their grades, they can still engage with the app even when they don’t have homework.

This app is pretty easy to use, if teachers use questions that the app itself generates. But it can get a little tricky and take more time if the teacher wants to come up with their own questions.
When a quiz is created it almost seems that it is more effective to assign it right away because the User Interface to edit a quiz later is really not that intuitive. Teachers already have enough going on. Editing a simple quiz shouldn’t have to take much time.

From a UX design perspective. I think the mobile app needs to be more intuitive for parents. Right now it’s confusing to know how to view children’s grades. They should also have the option to see quiz questions, so they can see where their children need help.

Aside from nitpicking this tool, I think it’s a great way to quickly assess students in day-to-day class activities. It helps in giving teachers a better sense of what students might be struggling with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t encourage high-level thinking of the SAMR model nor Bloom’s taxonomy.

How I Use It

My primary usage of this app would be to create short quizzes in order to find out how well my students have assimilated the content taught that day.