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Pros: Clean interface allows teachers to set up schedules, calendars, and announcements in a snap; all info can be easily shared with students.

Cons: Unless multiple teachers in a school are using the app, the available student features won't be used to their fullest potential.

Bottom Line: Scheduling solution for teachers is at its best when used alongside student homework app.

Use this site to set up class schedules and important due dates. Once all information is set up on Teachers.io, students can sign up for an account via the companion app, myHomework Student Planner. Once students sign up for an account, they can search for their school and current teachers within the app. As students select their classes, all information for each class will be automatically loaded onto the student's myHomework app.

If multiple teachers in one school use Teachers.io consistently to its fullest potential, students who have access to devices will no longer be responsible for keeping track of writing down assignments and test dates. The Teachers.io site allows teachers to ensure that students have all the information needed to be successful in their classes and could be a useful solution for both teacher and student organization.

Teachers.io is a site and app that allows teachers to plan their classes for the week, detail syllabi and materials for each class, and share information with students. After signing up for a free account, teachers can begin to plug in class sections that they teach as well as any other pertinent details. Teachers also can add assignments, tests, quizzes, and even announcements for each of their classes that will automatically upload to the teacher's calendar.

Students can access all this information, including class assignments and announcements, on the site. However, once they select and add their classes through the student companion app, myHomework Student Planner, they'll be able to receive notifications and announcements directly. Other features of the site include a teacher bio page and a blog for students and parents to view.

If your school or district has an LMS with these features already included, then the use of Teachers.io may be redundant. However, the site has everything teachers and students need to keep up with the daily demands of multiple class schedules and could be great for keeping teachers and students organized; the more teachers in the school use it, the more valuable it will become for students. Not only does it have the potential to provide students with weekly work, it could be a place for parents to stay in the loop with what their student is doing for each of their classes during the week. Overall, Teachers.io is a tool for teachers to sharpen time-management and organization skills and, if used in conjunction with myHomework Student Planner, may build the same skills in students.

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Ensuring that students have all the necessary information for each class is easy. Teachers can quickly insert important test dates, homework assignments, announcements, and much more within minutes.


Productive communication is front and center. If used regularly, Teachers.io can help teachers and students be more organized in all areas of school life.


Teachers.io offers numerous ways to ask questions and otherwise communicate. The email option does seem to be pretty efficient, and teachers typically get a response fairly quickly.

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