Tagxedo is a Cool Tool for Language Arts

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Tagxedo offers an alternative to the traditional Wordles that have been around for some time. I like the fact that it offers different shapes and styles for presentation.

Students like the fact that they can use this beyond the classroom. The site allows students to go home and make word clouds for their own applications (such as Facebook).

Troubleshooting: We ran into a problem with a plug-in issue. I took my students to a lab in our school, only to have difficulty setting up the activity. I would strongly suggest checking available computers to see if there will be any problems.

How I Use It

My classes and I have used Tagxedo in several ways to enhance the study of literature. Here are a few examples:

I had students select all of the words from a scene of HAMLET that helped to create the initial mood of the play. The results were amazing, and students felt more confident about reading the play when they saw a visual representation of their work.

Vocabulary: I had students use synonyms and examples for vocabulary words we were studying. Every student in class had a different word, and I posted them on our bulletin board. Armed with a vocab list, I had students look at each Tagxedo and determine which word it represented. They wrote the word on a post-it and stuck it onto the back of the Tagxedo. They enjoyed this, and it reinforced their word study.