Becoming a Graphic Design using Tagxedo!

Submitted 8 years ago
Rachel S.
Rachel S.
William Annin Middle School
Basking Ridge NJ, US
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My Take

This was exciting way to introduce the students to the concept of graphic design which is a combination of word and image to communicate. The students enjoyed expressing themselves in word but were nervous about the picture. Once they realized you couldn't really "see" them, they liked combining the themes, fonts and fill styles until they got an image that appealed to them.

How I Use It

This is used as an introductory activity to an 8th grade elective course, Graphic Design and Animation.
Each student will be ask to come up with 25 different words to describe themselves.
They will then have a picture taken of their faces which will be transformed into a word cloud about himself/herself to become a Graphic Design! This image then become the first part of a 4 week project where the students learned several different pieces of art software for photo manipulation to make informed decisions on choosing software to fit their needs.