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Becoming a Graphic Design using Tagxedo!

This was exciting way to introduce the students to the concept of graphic design which is a combination of word and image to communicate. The students enjoyed expressing themselves in word but were nervous about the picture. Once they realized you couldn't really "see" them, they liked combining the themes, fonts and fill styles until they got an image that appealed to them.
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A great way to add a visual introduction!

A beneficial and constructive tool for students.
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Tagxedo is an excellent way for students to express themselves AND learn about their writing style.

I really enjoy using this product with students. It's not as user friendly as I would like, and it does have a small learning curve. It would certainly be best for the teacher to explore the site and create their own word cloud before having students use the site. Other than that, it is an engaging learning tool that is free, easy, and can be used for many writing activities. I also like that there is a gallery of Tagxedos created by other users, and it is easy to share Tagxedos with others.
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This is a fun tool for my students, as they can create their own shape, color, and picture for vocabulary words.

I think that this is a very useful tool for Special Needs, low literacy, general, and ESL learners.
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Fantastic tool for word pictures!

Tagxedo is a great tool that can be used for a variety of reasons to communicate any subject in a unique way.
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Cute ways to create word walls.

Not so much a teaching tool as a resource. Good way to make vocabulary more interesting to students and practice word association.
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Simple way to create educational digital art

This is an excellent creation tool. I showed my class a YouTube tutorial to give an overview of the process. It takes a little practice to get used to the controls, but the students were able to figure it out.
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Fun tool for creativity!

I love word clouds...and really like how you can develop clouds with different shapes. The kids used vocabulary words to work on their spelling assignments. Was so much fun for them!
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I love this product! If you put in inspirational phrases it maps it out just the way it needs to be.

I liked the fact that anyone and everyone can use it. It is a great for kids to see the creativity with using their words.
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Great tool for many cross-curriculum activities

I love this website and have used it with first, second and third graders. The students are very engaged and take great ownership in the creation of their word cloud. It's fun, it's different, and it's easy! I also really like that it is a website and the children can access it from home to create more word clouds of their own.
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