Currate content for your classes by creating user friendly webmixes.

Submitted 8 years ago
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SymbalooEDU is a user friendly website that allows teachers and students to curate content in user friendly boards called webmixes. Webmixes can be shared with others, set as home screens on computers, and embedded in websites. Setting up a basic SymbalooEDU webmix is easy. Finding the best resources can take some time to curate, but once collected, webmixes take the search time out of instruction time. Symbaloo works especially well with younger students and those who struggle with literacy. It's visual interface allow students to navigate to sites with a single click. As the Symbaloo community grows, so does the ease of adding tiles to webmixes.

How I Use It

SymbalooEDU has saved hours of instructional time. Instead of having students have to type in website addresses or find the resources on their own, a webmix gives them a quick link to the content needed for class. In the elementary grades, we set browser homepages as With a SymbalooEDU webmix with the links they need to their most used resources. At upper levels we have students create webmixes of resources they use for learning specific concepts and share those with the other students in the class. Teachers will also embed Symbaloo webmixes on their websites.