Symbaloo, an online desktop with multiple educational uses

Submitted 5 years ago
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Symbaloo is a Web 2.0 tool used to store, organize, manage and distribute in a fun and easy way all digital resources in one place in the cloud.
It helps the process of curating content and the creation of online collaborative learning networks.
The learning achieved guarantees the equitable participation of the students, the simultaneous interaction between them and the self-regulation of that learning.
The activities and materials can be adapted to the needs of the students. You can access them from any device and place.
The students can later replicate the experiences and dynamics developed in their professional practice.

How I Use It

Symbaloo is a tool that allows the teacher to design a "desk" where they store (in the cloud) the web pages, videos, articles, games, application ... that you want your students to visit. From any computer with Internet connection you can access those resources that we have selected for our students. We can design different boards (called webmix) by didactic units, projects, ... I love this tool for the aesthetics it offers for working with students, the possibility of designing the route we want them to do online and the resources they use, and also because it allows me to share with other professionals boards or webmix that are effective .