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I think Symbaloo is a beneficial tool for students in younger grades (K-4). Symbaloo can be a gateway into creating favorites. I think as students get older they will learn and understand how to add bookmarks to their search engine and use those more often than a Symbaloo page. Symbaloo is a good foundation to help students learn to navigate between internet sites.
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Symbaloo, an online desktop with multiple educational uses

Symbaloo is a Web 2.0 tool used to store, organize, manage and distribute in a fun and easy way all digital resources in one place in the cloud. It helps the process of curating content and the creation of online collaborative learning networks. The learning achieved guarantees the equitable participation of the students, the simultaneous interaction between them and the self-regulation of that learning. The activities and materials can be adapted to the needs of the students. You can access them from any device and place. The students can later replicate the experiences and dynamics developed in their professional practice.
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Just a Click Away

It is a great tool to help us gather websites that are appropriate for our students to use. It is free to set up an account so you don't have to worry about paying for it. There is a portion that does cost and you can look into what that has to offer. I have found this tool very beneficial in my teaching. I don't just use it in my teaching, but I have used it in workshops that I have presented at. My favorite part about Symbaloo is how easy it is to use. I don't have to waste time figuring out what to do. I highly recommend looking into the program.
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Great organizational tool!

I really like this product because it's so much more than a bookmarking tool! I love that it can be really personalized and it saves you time by allowing you to copy web mixes as well as look for other similar web-mixes that are on a similar topic. Really this is a very versatile tool! You can use it for a web quest or even as a place to collect a series of support material for an exam. You can even get your students to create their own web mixes and that's when it gets really interesting!!
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Connect students & educators directly with online resources with this bookmarking tool!

I think this a a simple and easy bookmarking tool to use. More importantly, once the initial page is setup, it is a huge time saver for students to access specific websites or online tools, therefore it allows educators to be more efficient in their lessons. Another plus is it easily enables students to access a specific educational website, online tool, or game with one click of the mouse, which saves students the stress of trying to find the website and/or type a web address. Any additions or changes done by the educator is updated immediately and students will see instantly; just don't forget to click the "update" button after the Symbaloo page has been edited. Although it is user friendly, the initial set up for student access is not as time efficient. Creating and editing titles is easy and quick, but making the Symbaloo page available on student computers can be time consuming. Symbaloo provides the choice to set it as a homepage when opening the internet or you can create a shortcut on the desktop. Either method will require the educator to set link on each individual student computer, so students have access to the Symbaloo page. For the older students, I suggest e-mailing the page link, which in turn the students can create a shortcut, bookmark, or set as a homepage. Overall, Symbaloo is a great organizational & bookmarking tool. In my opinion though, the tool itself does not necessarily build a deeper understanding or extend learning. On the other hand from an application use, Symbaloo does allow educators to create additional learning opportunities through the use of educational tools, games, and websites in order for deeper understanding and extending learning to occur.
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Great Curation Tool!!

I love Symbaloo because it helps organize websites, documents, videos, and more. I can make multiple pages for different classrooms and topics. I know there is a paid option but I have never felt I needed to use that.
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A bookmarking tool to spark users' creativity , curation and collaboration.

It is a great tool .I liked its comprehensive appearance as well as its customization that allows personalization, differentiation and updated content.
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Symbaloo: Simple and successful way to differentiate apps/online games for students to navigate and practice skills!

Students were extremely engaged during math centers. I set clear expectations of how to work Symbaloo and how to behave during the station. Since the students were so intrigued they quickly picked up how to work Symbaloo. Furthermore the student’s behavior was superb because they were so excited and eager to try out a variety of new games and didn’t want to lose this privilege. Students verbally spoke how they enjoyed having the options of games that were relevant to their learning and quick to find. It helped my classroom management and time because I didn't have to spend a ton of time on ensuring my students knew how to get to a certain game if they wanted to play a different one. Also, I loved how I was able to create one page to address one objective in a variety of entertaining ways. I was able to include games that touched upon the same skill but had different levels of difficulty thus creating an atmosphere where each child felt successful during their practice time. There was one downfall to the app Symbaloo. I had a hard time adjusting my apps in the particular order I wanted. It was not as user friendly as I would have liked it to be when I wanted my apps to have a certain amount of links and positioned in a specific order. Additionally, it was difficult for me to find how to remove the search engine from the middle of my Symbaloo page. In my opinion this hindered the visual appearance for my students. Other than that, the page is easy to link and have ready for students to use. I highly recommend using if you would like students to have choice and implement a fun way to practice particular subjects or skills.
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Great visual social bookmarking tool for elementary students

This is a great product as a teaching tool. It is a quick and easy process for bookmarking websites. Many websites are already included on the list. You can share your webmixes with other educators.
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Categorize websites and links to resources into easily accessible tiles by theme, subject or topic

curation tool
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