Math fact practice with deeper in 1:1 environment

Submitted 9 years ago
Lisa S.
Lisa S.
Technology Integration Specialist
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My Take

Students work on math facts, but take them to a greater level of rigor than in a traditional drill and practice math game. For example, students might practice 2 + 2, but then the deeper level of this fact would be 20 + 20 or 200 + 200. Students open different levels of the app and facts get more difficult. The problem using this on iPads that are not assigned to individual students, is that levels get opened by a higher functioning student and then students not really ready for that level might be the next use and they are NOT ready for the higher level, so they get frustrated. Being able to select individual users would be a nice addition.

How I Use It

We've used this as enrichment for kids who already are fluent with basic facts as well as a motivator for kids who need fact practice, but are reluctant to practice with traditional software or flashcards. The Sushi Monster setting is exciting to kids and they enjoy it! We will be using it in the coming months in a true 1:1 setting and I think it will be very valuable as the correct settings for each student will be on his/her iPad!