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Teaching everything!!!

I like everything.
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Great visuals that help students stay engaged while learning addition and multiplication.

Overall, I think that this is a useful app for young students learning addition and multiplication. I do think that it would be great if the app would also include subtraction and division. Another aspect that I liked was how the student can keep working to higher level math sentences.
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Great interactive app, but has some bugs

I enjoy this app. I think it is great for students to practice addition and multiplication drills. The levels vary in difficulty. It does have some lags, but overall I think this is a great app.
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Great for fluency!

Great tool to develop math fluency, and the students really love the games. Not a tool to teach new schools, but a great resource nonetheless!
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Awesome for Special Education students, it makes addition fun. Even if they get the wrong answer at first they can continue and retry.

I would like this app to add subtraction and number order (1,2,3 ...) to the choices for the students to do.
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Fun and engaging app. Students ask to use it often. Great game for math fact fluency.

Great app for basic math facts practice and fluency.
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Fun Addition/Multiplication Math App!

This app isn't too bad. I like that it shows you the number sentence that you create and gives you the correct answer to the number sentence if you give the wrong answer. It is fast paced and very repetitive. This can be helpful because it keeps the students on their toes but students can also lose interest easily. Overall I would use it but would be careful how much and when I utilize it.
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Highly engaging, but lacks support for students who are not successful.

It is very engaging and simple to use, but there is no teaching included. If students miss it, they just don't proceed to the next level. I am impressed with the quality of the app and that it is free, but it doesn't track the kinds of mistakes they make or provide strategies to help them be more successful.
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This is a great app to reinforce math skills using multiplication.

This was a fantastic game to engage students in math skills, specifically multiplication and addition. The graphics are great; the students really get into the "monster" as he gets angrier and happy. The level of rigor was great as well. It is more than a simple "drill and kill" game. It serves the students as an additional outlet for practicing numbers and operations skills. As far as teaching, it is a tool that helps reinforce those skills needed as students master computation. It moves beyond basic facts in the multiplication skill area, so it is difficult for those who have not mastered multiplication yet. It really engages the students in thinking however.
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Math fact practice with deeper in 1:1 environment

Students work on math facts, but take them to a greater level of rigor than in a traditional drill and practice math game. For example, students might practice 2 + 2, but then the deeper level of this fact would be 20 + 20 or 200 + 200. Students open different levels of the app and facts get more difficult. The problem using this on iPads that are not assigned to individual students, is that levels get opened by a higher functioning student and then students not really ready for that level might be the next use and they are NOT ready for the higher level, so they get frustrated. Being able to select individual users would be a nice addition.
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