This is a great app to reinforce math skills using multiplication.

Submitted 9 years ago
Jamie  S.
Jamie S.
Instructional coach
Duquesne Elementary School
Duquesne PA, US
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My Take

This was a fantastic game to engage students in math skills, specifically multiplication and addition. The graphics are great; the students really get into the "monster" as he gets angrier and happy. The level of rigor was great as well. It is more than a simple "drill and kill" game. It serves the students as an additional outlet for practicing numbers and operations skills. As far as teaching, it is a tool that helps reinforce those skills needed as students master computation. It moves beyond basic facts in the multiplication skill area, so it is difficult for those who have not mastered multiplication yet. It really engages the students in thinking however.

How I Use It

I use this app as a follow practice for small groups of students at the end of a math lesson. As the students work in flexible groups, one group works with the iPad to play this game. It helps students apply the basic number and operation skills to larger numbers for additional practice. The students love trying to beat one another to figure out the correct answer first. This app is optimal for about 2-4 students at a time.