Easily understood explanations of intricate concepts!

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I watched the water cycle and photosynthesis videos and was very impressed at how intricate systems like these were broken down into easily understood ideas. Both started off with a question as to what the system was, reinforcing the idea of inquiry/curiosity paving the way to learning something. I've never heard photosynthesis equated to following a recipe, and all the cooking metaphors worked so smoothly with the processes explained. The graphics were colorful, editing features like zooming in to show detail were effective, and having important vocabulary in capitalized white letters was great visual reinforcement for the information conveyed auditorily. I agree with others that the subjects should expand beyond science and math because the content already here is incredible!

How I Use It

Others have commented on its versatility in being an introduction to a new topic or a review of material already covered in the areas of math and science. I would use this as an introduction because there are Common Core standards for each grade level, and the simplicity of these explanations would not be sufficient to serve as its own lesson for a topic nor a review that captures what I taught in addition to the basics presented.