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Easily understood explanations of intricate concepts!

I watched the water cycle and photosynthesis videos and was very impressed at how intricate systems like these were broken down into easily understood ideas. Both started off with a question as to what the system was, reinforcing the idea of inquiry/curiosity paving the way to learning something. I've never heard photosynthesis equated to following a recipe, and all the cooking metaphors worked so smoothly with the processes explained. The graphics were colorful, editing features like zooming in to show detail were effective, and having important vocabulary in capitalized white letters was great visual reinforcement for the information conveyed auditorily. I agree with others that the subjects should expand beyond science and math because the content already here is incredible!
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Great Review Activities That are Engaging!

This is a good kick off lesson, wrap up lesson, or review activity. Students can work independently or you can use it as a whole group or small group lesson. Students have always been very engaged as they do the activities and therefore is a great motivation to help them to learn!
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Video Resource with interactive components

I think it is a useful, user-friendly, FREE website that helps supplemental topics in math and science. It can help our digital natives gain more understanding on a topic and even practice independently or with a group. For the performers, several topics offer karaoke as a supplemental component. I wish the site would add Language Arts and Social Studies topics as well.
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Great resource to use in a flipped classroom.

The videos/slideshows are short but packed with lots of content. Students are engaged by the characters and their real world math related problems. The Science videos expose students to complex content that they are able to understand quite easily. They also remember the content and refer to the information as they do experiments in class.
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Engaging videos and explanations that relate to students

Both students and I enjoy watching the videos and reviewing the lessons presented in StudyJams. Each lesson has interesting videos, colorful pictures, and great graphics for kids. One way StudyJams could be better would be to tie their lessons to Common Core standards. Also, it would be great to have extension activities based off of the lessons they have already created.
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Informative videos for math and science with interactive activities to promote comprehension

My fifth graders enjoy watching StudyJams videos for math and science. Many of the topics covered relate closely with our curriculum. The videos are fun, engaging, and best of all, free! When the students finish watching a video, there are follow-up activities that they can complete to test their understanding. Students are also provided with key terms which they can click for an easy-to-understand definition. Also, at the bottom of the video, students are presented with related videos on the topic so they can extend their learning or review related concepts.
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Super Introduction

Gives a quick basic overview of a concept. I have not used the quizzes so can not comment on them. The students enjoy the video. The slide show formats are not my favorites.
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I use these videos to introduce concepts.

Students come to class with a vast variety of background knowledge. These videos help level the playing field before starting an activity, discussion, or group work.
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Engaging lessons! Works well for introduction to or review of concepts

The lessons are bright, attention getting. Students want to be involved. The content being delivered is very kid friendly. These lessons are great for introducing a concept. They are also great for reivewing a skill before moving on to extra practice of a skill.
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Nice digital addition to several math and science lessons.

Short videos are always a fun way to introduce and/or supplement and reinforce many lessons. The site has lesson ideas and some of the studyjams videos have short quizes.
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