Great story writing activity to cure blank page syndrome

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T P.
T P.
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I love that this tool helps students realize their creative storytelling potential. The illustrations are beautiful. Sometimes a student is looking for a particular image that isn't available but it requires they are creative and flexible to tell the best story they can. I used the free version which allowed for students to log in and save their work over multiple class periods. I wish we could print our books for free but I understand this is part of their pricing model. Next time, I would like to do a fundraiser so students can purchase printed bound copies of their books. They seem to alway be adding more pictures, but more in the same styles or collections would allow for more options for the kids.

My students did love publishing their finished work, sending links to share it with their families, and tagging stories with descriptive terms.

How I Use It

I used Storybird with my students for a narrative writing assignment. We were learning about story elements including setting, characters and plot. My class of third grade students with various learning differences usually have a hard time with creative writing. Storybird allowed them to look at images for inspiration. They loved the artwork and selected images to frame a story with only visuals first. They then verbally described to their classmates what was happening in their story. They revised to make sure the story elements were included. We then worked to type the story into their book, describing what was happening in the pictures. We tested out their writing by reading it without the pictures to see if it made sense. They did their additional edits right in the story. The finished products were incredibly creative and above and beyond what they thought they could write. A year later, I still have students coming to me in the hallway telling me they love Storybird.