Great for encouraging and challenging students!

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Can it be used in a higher level of the SAMR or T3 framework? Storybird can be used in a higher level of the SAMR because it helps the teacher modify as well as redefine and substitute assignments, readings, and grade students. As for T3 framework, there is an iphone app that can be useful for both the teacher and student.

How I Use It

Does the app encourage or discourage higher order thinking skills? Storybird is a storytelling website. Students can create their own stories. In the teachers side of the website, they are able to assign and grade reading and writing assignments. Storybird encourages higher order skills because it challenges students to read high levels and write a story of their own. Storybird has all kinds of stories students can read to extend their reading skills. It helps students advance their reading. It helps students expand their knowledge of learning new reading skills. It encourages students to write whatever they want. It helps them stick to their objective and have a structured plot line.