Wonderfully engaging tool!

Submitted 10 years ago
Kim  P.
Kim P.
Media Specialist
North Fairview Elementary
Topeka KS, US
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Starfall is a website that kids love. The stories, songs and activities are engaging and allow students to learn the alphabet and reading basics. There are multiple levels for kids to advance to as they become more proficient with each reading level. There are specialized areas for holidays and other events, and they have been adding Common Core information which will be helpful for teachers! More Starfall is a paid companion site with math and additional reading support, but just as good as the free site and worth the subscription price!

How I Use It

This is a great center activity for young kids. They can work at their own pace and choose which stories to read or activities to do. You can also use Starfall with a projector and do some whole class reading or practice.