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Useful tool for young learners.

This teaching tool is more useful for younger students who are still learning how to read and learning basic math skills. It is user friendly for children and visually pleasing with the use of colorfull graphics. There are also large arrows that guide users what to do next. The downside is there is little to no room for creativity skills because it is constant clicking..
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Starfall Continues to Educate

Starfall is an excellent addition to any classroom K-2. It is easy to use, the children quickly learn to navigate the app without help from the teacher, it provides leveled activities in reading and math that the children want to repeat over and over. Highly recommend this program.
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Great literacy and math interactive website for lower grade students

This teaching tool would be best used as a review but not used to teach lessons.
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Interactive math and reading games for elementary students.

First, the website is easy to navigate and very kid-friendly. The big, colorful icons are easily seen and very attractive to my students. Happy, animated characters dance, sing, and talk with speech that is clear and slow enough for the user to process the information. The visuals are relatable and fun to keep the attention of students with low attention spans. Additionally, I like the large range of cognitive levels that Starfall accommodates. Activities can be as simple as watching letters or number flash across the screen, to more complex shape puzzles. Above all else, the students are happily engaged with information that can otherwise hard to absorb.
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It is easy as ABC.

This tool is an excellent tool. They have really though out how to teach these concepts to the students. There is a mini lesson, a book that they can read, and than a song or activity afterward. If you are looking for a great online resource to use in your classroom I would start with this site.
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More like Star Rise... Great website for students to use independently to develop and practice skills in reading/math!

I really like this program as a teaching tool because it has a wide variety of games and content for students to go through without getting bored. It also has a large range for different abilities with lots of scaffolds. The math games include counting, or for the more advanced, computational practice. There are some limitations like the counting only goes to 100, but the students are required to master up to 120. The reading pages are leveled very well for ELL and struggling readers. It is simple and well organized for young students to be able to find an appropriate book or game. There are lessons with songs, pictures and pronunciations as well as practice for the kids. The only drawback is the free version doesn't give students a log in and it doesn't save their progress, so it might be tough to see students growth. This is the reason I gave on 2 stars for Pedagogy. It is worth the money to pay the additional fee; however, at a title one school this is not an option so students struggle to remember where they left off from day to day. Overall it is a great resource for any primary classroom.
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Great. interactive site for building early reading skils with engaging visuals.

I like this website and enjoy using it in my teaching of letters and early reading skills. It loads quickly and works well. The visuals are engaging and it has enough variety to keep students engaged when working on it individually on class computers or the computer lab. The students are building background knowledge and practicing reading skills without even realizing it. I like the support where the correct answer sparkles after a short amount of time for those that need a little extra help.
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Free interactive program that helps children learn to read!

I think that this site is great at helping students learn the letters, sounds, phonics, etc. However, putting them on this website alone will not help your students learn everything.
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Great For Student Involvement and Small Groups

I feel that this is a great website for early education. It allows me to pull my students into a lesson and let them be a part of it. They do not have to worry about getting the answer wrong. I also really like that it reviews the sound with each section. It does not just tell them the letter and the picture. I feel that it has really helped my students. If we have extra time or indoor recess, I will often pull this site up and do it on the Smart board just to review. They always get excited. They love feeling like they are doing the lesson.
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Highly engaging site for primary and ELL students practicing their beginning reading skills!

This is a great teaching tool. As a center it is great place for students to go while teacher is meeting with reading groups. It serves the students by reinforcing skills being learned in class. A teacher can find the stories and activities that go with phonics skills and reading skills being taught and practice pages and stories can be printed.
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