More like Star Rise... Great website for students to use independently to develop and practice skills in reading/math!

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I really like this program as a teaching tool because it has a wide variety of games and content for students to go through without getting bored. It also has a large range for different abilities with lots of scaffolds. The math games include counting, or for the more advanced, computational practice. There are some limitations like the counting only goes to 100, but the students are required to master up to 120. The reading pages are leveled very well for ELL and struggling readers. It is simple and well organized for young students to be able to find an appropriate book or game. There are lessons with songs, pictures and pronunciations as well as practice for the kids. The only drawback is the free version doesn't give students a log in and it doesn't save their progress, so it might be tough to see students growth. This is the reason I gave on 2 stars for Pedagogy. It is worth the money to pay the additional fee; however, at a title one school this is not an option so students struggle to remember where they left off from day to day. Overall it is a great resource for any primary classroom.

How I Use It

In my first grade classroom, I use Starfall as an independent literacy and math center for students. Students are able to select from categories according to their reading skills whether they are still learning letters all the way up to fluent readers. It is easy for students to know where they are and how to use the program appropriately. The website is kid-friendly and easy for first graders to navigate on their own.