The choices don't tell the whole story. My students liked it, for a while. They found it to be a great idea that is quite ready serious use. Projects froze, syncing didn't always work and playback was stuttering. The survey scale could use clarification

Submitted 4 years ago
Don N.
Don N.
McDonogh School
Owings Mills MD, US
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My Take

It is really a great idea. I believe it work best in a home setting and not a classroom. The projects often wouldn't load or sync for collaboration. The problem seemed to be too many computers trying to share bandwidth. It's not free, but it is inexpensive for a piece of classroom software. But then again you get what you pay for.

How I Use It

I am trying to use it with a HS music tech course. The idea of collaboration and being able to work online was very interesting. We currently use Reason, Pro Tools, Ableton Live , Native Instruments Maschine. And if the class is struggling we go back to Garage Band.