Fun way to get kids interested in quizzes.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I really like Socrative. The kids love it. You create a quiz and the kids access it from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. They sign into your room and take the assigned quiz. It can be timed or not. You can also poll the class. You can see who is on what question and the results can be emailed to you. The app works well and is easy to navigate both the teacher ans student model. It helps the kids review concepts for tests or to see what they know before starting a unit. There are a few issues. It takes forever to set up. A 10 question quiz is at least 20 minutes. Also if you do short answer questions, students must have the same exact answer as you or it is marked wrong. Even misspelled words are marked wrong. Overall I use it in my classes and the kids enjoy using it.

How I Use It

There are three distinct ways I use Socrative. First, I do polls about class projects. So I'll give each group a tablet and ask questions like, "Would you like to create videos of your finished project?" Or "Would be interested in doing part of the work at home for extra credit?" The answers drive the requirements for the project. Second, I have teams race each other to answer questions about a section of a novel. The team who completes the quiz in the fastest time with the most correct answers wins. This teaches the kids to work together as a team, to be wise time managers, and to make majority decisions. They carry these skills to all group work. Third, I use it as individual test prep. I'll photocopy the passages and put the questions on Socrative. Based on their results, I can them group kids according to weaknesses and create quizzes with just those types of questions. Since the NYS test will be online in 2015, it also gets them used to the online format.