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Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web

Pros: Excellent template library can get teachers started quickly.

Cons: Design feels outdated.

Bottom Line: This is a fast way to fashion basic newsletters and flyers, but it isn't quite as flashy as the competition.

Teachers can use the site to create event flyers, newsletters for students or parents, and other documents. To get started, browse the excellent template library featuring a wide variety of inspiring teacher-created templates. Copy and remix them to get started quickly. There are templates for announcements, assignments, events, updates, and educational resources such as info sheets for students. While Smore is no longer focused on student creation, teachers might invite students to help out with writing and designing newsletters that teachers send home to families or flyers and info sheets posted to class sites.

Smore is a website that lets people design and share their own newsletters, infographics, and flyers. With a free or paid Smore subscription, you can make flyers that serve as newsletters or promote events, products, or services on social media sites or via email. Flyers can also be printed and distributed. Creation is simple: Choose from some basic styles and backgrounds, select your color scheme, fonts, etc. Click to add content (including media files) and edit any text. After content is published, the site offers easy-to-read analytics to help you track how readers are responding to promotional efforts. You can view how many visits a flyer has received that month; whether viewers came from Facebook, email, or other sources; how much time users spent reading the flyer; and more. A map shows where viewers live, and you can also print out an email report. For inspiration, there's a large template library. These templates, created by other users, can be copied and edited, offering a good start for new users or an ongoing source of inspiration. 

The Educator Basic version costs $79 per year and allows for unlimited newsletters. Teachers can send 5,000 emails per month and access analytics.

Smore offers an easy, quick way to create attractive newsletters and flyers. The design options aren't too complex; you can add some extras, like images and video, and change fonts and colors, but the template is fairly simple. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Most teachers should be able to comfortably use the design tool, and the template library makes it especially easy to just start from the structure someone else has laid out. Teachers can use the site to create a class newsletter, or to create resources students can use. There are also great templates for promoting events, making announcements, presenting info, and more. While the design isn't as slick as that of Canva, Venngage, or Sway, Smore is incredibly functional and will feel friendly to most teachers. The focus is less on making something super slick and more on making something instantly useful. One thing to note is that the free version is limited to three newsletters, so you'll likely need to commit to the paid version to use Smore effectively as a communication tool.

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Having creative control and expressing themselves through posters is fun for students. They can comment on flyers, get badges for achievements, and create graphic representations of their knowledge.


The site doesn't offer much marketing and design instruction. However, students get to practice design and writing, and, if they share their flyer, they can find out what promotional efforts work better than others.


Students won't find in-depth articles on marketing or abundant tips on how to use the site, but the help section includes brief overviews of web analytics. The analytics can help students see the reach of a flyer.

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Creative Way to Communicate!

This is a great tool to use to market/ advertise events. Easy and straight forward directions. Would be a great for students to use to create flies to promote their events.

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