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Creative Way to Communicate!

This is a great tool to use to market/ advertise events. Easy and straight forward directions. Would be a great for students to use to create flies to promote their events.
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Creative way to share learning!

I like Smore flyers as they are attractive and professional looking while also easy to create. They are user-friendly and allow the ability to upload pictures, video and audio as well as embed links. The basic subscription is free, but to get custom backgrounds and unlimited use, it is $59/year for educators. If used regularly, the price is fair, but for those without district funds, it is an expense.
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Fun Newsletter/ Flyer Tool to Differentiate in Your Classroom

Overall, a fun tech tool that my students really enjoyed creating with- it was empowering for them because they felt like they could design something really professional looking. As the teacher, it is up to you to be specific and clear about what needs to be in the project- kids can get really distracted making everything look cool and not have a lot of content! I would love to use it as an actual "teaching" tool as well- not just for a final project option. I think it would be neat to create a flyer for a unit of study and have steps, directions, links, articles, etc for students to go through at their own pace and learn. Students could even create a learning pathway like that for each other as well.
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Quick and easy way to make professional looking newsletters and flyers!

It's easy to catch onto the interface and start create beautiful flyers within minutes. I love the templates it provides as it makes font style/size consistent throughout, but allows for some customization of layout.
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Highly engaging. Students don't even realize that they are practicing writing skills!

This was a fun tool to use! The results look so professional. Smore was a great resource for getting my students to do some writing (without them even realizing it!). As mentioned, we did run into a few students projects being "lost". Two just hadn't saved updated information, but one is completely gone. I contacted Smore support for help on this and have heard nothing back. We were using the free version, and Smore says that support priority is for the paid users. This issue of projects being lost really concerns me. I would consider getting an educator's account for next year for many reasons, including the increased support. Regardless, student projects disappearing is making me think about this decision more carefully. Privacy settings (at least on free accounts) need to be adjusted so that "flyers" are not public. Since this would be difficult for me to enforce, I emphasized that my students not include their last names in their projects. Overall, I really enjoyed allowing my students to use Smore to demonstrate their written knowledge!
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Easy to use but be cautious using with students

I would probably use Glogster if my school had a premium educator account. If you have iPads, you can use the flyer in Pages, as well. The limitations of this tool far out weights its benefit in the classroom. If you just want to create exciting flyers to email home to families, then I would certainly recommend this tool. But not for student-driven work.
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Super S'more!

This is a really great Website. It is very easy to use. There are many background and font choices. One of the problems is that free users are limited to 5 flyers.
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Some More Organization

As a teaching tool, this is a great application to bring many different resources quickly together. I like that the tiles are tiny and many can be used to cover a screen. I think manipulating and movement in the beginning when learning how to use is a little cumbersome and difficulty. But once one learns how to use the program, it is fast, helpful and teaches organizational and fluency skills. Children should be a little older to use this. However, if some students are quick to catch on, younger grades can be taught as well.
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Digital flyers or posters that are incredibly engaging and easy to use!

Smore is an easy to use digital poster/flyer creator that has a lot of options to create and personalize content. It is great to present material and to have students create, share and publish their work. Terms of Service require users to be at least 13 years old (unless you are using the Educational Pro account). The default settings make flyers public and contact information public. It took some time to edit flyer settings to private and to not display contact information. I wish this process was more intuitive.
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Great visual summary of information!

I love the easy to use interface and quick options for layouts. Having a simple interface allows students to focus on adding content that is relevant instead of focusing on all the "cool options." I used to use a much more complicated "ePoster" website with my students, but there was a huge learning curve and many times my students would be so frustrated with the technology, they would give up on creating content. With Smore, the learning curve for students is very low, and they can be adding content in no time. Great for end of unit summary activities, or for information sharing.
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