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Functional enough sketch tool isn't built for the classroom

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Arts, Creativity

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Fun stickers jazz up basic painting and sketching platform.

Cons: No text tool and no option to save works in progress.

Bottom Line: While the ease of use may be appealing for younger grade levels and quick projects, this is tough to recommend, given the crowded field of more flexible, useful options.

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad can offer a quick, simple option for generating basic images or annotating existing images. No registration or sign-in is required, so teachers can use Sketch.Book to mark up a document to share with students without a lot of prep time or hassle. Students can use it to take notes on a poem or image, create BookSnaps to respond to reading, or create original sketches. It's iOS-only, however, so if students are using it, you'll need access to iPads.

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad is an iOS drawing app that includes brush, eraser, photo import, and sticker tools. Brush size and opacity can be adjusted, and shapes and curves can be drawn by a tool as well. Users must pay to remove ads and to access all of the stickers. Creations can be sent by email, saved to the camera roll, or shared via connected apps on the device. There's a full-color palette available, too.

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad can be used as a tool for students to create original artwork or modify existing photos or images. It's free and easy to use, but it doesn't compete with other sketch tools. It lacks the artistic tools necessary for more involved creations, and the lack of an in-progress save feature means this is gonna be tough for any kind of involved classwork where students would be working over several periods. Students could save in-progress work to their device and then load it up as an image to a new project, but that's a poor workaround. This all adds up to a tool that may, in a pinch, be helpful, but it's not going to be a mainstay in your classroom.

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Stickers add a fun touch to an otherwise basic drawing tool.


Lots of more functional options exist, and this lacks tools (like an in-app save feature) that teachers and students need.


Creations can be shared via social tools on the device. No in-app help available.

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Amanda Bindel
Amanda Bindel Teacher

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