Showbie allows students and teachers to stay organized and transparent

Submitted 4 years ago
Jeanne H.
Jeanne H.
Bellarmine Preparatory School
Tacoma WA, US
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My Take

This app has been a lifesaver for my students with organizational issues. They do not lose their homework en route to class because it is always present digitally. I appreciate their success. The only thing I worry about is the students' reliance on this app. If I assign a work-in-progress formative assessment, they panic if it is not an assignment due on Showbie. However, that mindset is not the worst thing, but I gently remind my young people that not everything has to be submitted and evaluated instantly.

How I Use It

My students love Showbie. They prefer submitting their literature-based writing homework on this intuitive app. I am able to set the deadline, view the work submitted, and offer feedback as a typed or audio note. The students also can set up their accounts so they can receive assignment reminders.