Favorite 1:1 iPad App

Submitted 7 years ago
Brad  W.
Brad W.
Fort Couch Middle School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

This is an iPad app that has to be used before you can fully appreciate its value. While there is a web version, Google Classroom can accomplish the same on the web, so there isn't an advantage for non-iPad users. The advantage on the iPad version is that you can annotate directly on work and add in voice-notes as feedback without needing to move work to another app - something that no other app will enable you to do in as simple and organized of a manner. Overall, if you are 1:1 with iPads and would like to make work collection much more efficient, improve the quality of your teachers' feedback, and retain access to submitted work on an on-going basis, I would STRONGLY suggest trying out Showbie.

How I Use It

All of the teachers in our 1:1 Learning Initiative w/ iPads have Showbie Pro accounts. It is being used to various degrees by different teachers, but all subject areas have found value in this tool. Math teachers can use this to collect daily homework (even if it isn't being given a formal grade), and one side benefit is that students can complete their work electronically and submit their work as a pdf (easy from just about any app), or they can take a picture with their camera of their paper/pencil completed work. Video projects can be turned in quickly and easily, and even music teachers have found value in students recording and turning in practice sessions in case a student can't make their lesson. All students use this app and have grown very accustomed to using it with very little confusion or frustration.