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This is an incredibly useful app to use with all classes in a Secondary School.

I found this app to be incredibly useful when I worked in a Secondary school where all pupils had an ipad. One of its main uses was to help the pupils organise their work. They could keep track of homework tasks and deadlines and then upload their work if necessary. It was also useful to keep a store of extra reading material and past exam papers which the pupils could access in their free time. We brought the paid version as the app was so popular with both teachers and pupils.
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Showbie allows students and teachers to stay organized and transparent

This app has been a lifesaver for my students with organizational issues. They do not lose their homework en route to class because it is always present digitally. I appreciate their success. The only thing I worry about is the students' reliance on this app. If I assign a work-in-progress formative assessment, they panic if it is not an assignment due on Showbie. However, that mindset is not the worst thing, but I gently remind my young people that not everything has to be submitted and evaluated instantly.
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Favorite 1:1 iPad App

This is an iPad app that has to be used before you can fully appreciate its value. While there is a web version, Google Classroom can accomplish the same on the web, so there isn't an advantage for non-iPad users. The advantage on the iPad version is that you can annotate directly on work and add in voice-notes as feedback without needing to move work to another app - something that no other app will enable you to do in as simple and organized of a manner. Overall, if you are 1:1 with iPads and would like to make work collection much more efficient, improve the quality of your teachers' feedback, and retain access to submitted work on an on-going basis, I would STRONGLY suggest trying out Showbie.
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Making teacher-student feedback more effective

Love having a free platform where children can post a variety of work so easily on an iPad. Love how it can be just as easily accessed on a laptop. Love the feedback cycle between student and teacher that helps to improve student learning outcomes. Wish it allowed for more collaboration BETWEEN students, rather than just between individual student and teacher.
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Easy enough for 3rd graders!

Showbie is an exceptional teaching tool. It allows for students' creativity to flow and allows them to have choice in their assignments. I can also give feedback individually using Showbie for individualized instruction as needed. This keeps me on my toes with better ideas of how the students are learning. One drawback is it sometimes takes mulitiple steps to load something to Showbie, but as a teacher and knowing this you definitely have to walk through each step with the class first!
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Easy workflow on iPad!

I love the ease of using and figuring out this app. Using Showbie has cut back my time correcting papers significantly. It is much easier to sit with my iPad and correct student work, then it is with a stack of paper.
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Organise your classroom workflow with Showbie.

Showbie has helped enormously in how I assign, assesses, collect and have students reflect on their work.
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So easy to distribute & receive assignments then grade them with Showbie!

This is a great app, if you are looking for something to help you easily & quickly distribute assignments, handouts, links, etc. to students. Students can also submit work to you through Showbie. It has the ability for students and/or teachers to leave voice notes with assignments. Our school's Spanish teacher actually uses this for oral assessment. Multiple teachers can create classes within Showbie, so that students can see each class that they belong to. Then, they click on the class to see the assignments that the teacher has created for that class. Teachers are able to give due dates/times for assignments, thus not allowing work to be turned in late. Work is timestamped, so that the teacher can see exactly when it was turned in to Showbie. So many good features! And, super easy to learn how to use it!
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