Student creativity is highlighted with this digital storytelling tool

Submitted 6 years ago
Cresta K.
Cresta K.
Allegany County Public Schools
Cumberland MD, US
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My Take

I think this app is an excellent tool for digital storytelling at the elementary/primary level. I appreciated the ease of use, the guidance the app gave through the creation process, and how the app allows the students to make simple decisions about their story to minimize confusion while using the app. I feel one way it could be improved would be more music options for background music without the need for pre-loaded music on your device; my students wanted popular music options but I was not ready to load my whole iPod library for them to have free reign. Overall I believe this app would be useful for students at any grade-level, but it is refreshing to see something marketed for digital storytelling for younger students that has been proven in the classroom to work!

How I Use It

I used this app with my special needs students and their ideas were able to shine with this easy to use storytelling tool! This tool is able to be used as simply or sophisticated as a teacher wants-the basic premise is the students are creating a "puppet" or digital story with images and sound. Where students go from there is up to the limits they place on themselves. The image choices are endless, including the gallery on the device, images from NASA, Wikimedia Commons, the Library of Congress, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once the images are chosen and put in order, students can record their voice over the images to tell their story, add background music and text to let the images tell the story without voice recordings. My students needed some staff guidance to learn how to use the app at first, but they quickly developed their own stories of what plants need to grow. Each creation was unique and students used the features of the app they felt comfortable with-I left the choice up to them and their stories were amazing!

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