So Good Newton Should Have Thought of It!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

A fun way to integrate a variety of tools to educate and report. This gives my students a chance to learn and present as they desire. I think multiple uses would help them use it more efficiently and purposefully, but it is easy enough to use for a one-time assignment. It has many options leaving it possible to use many times, though.

How I Use It

It is great for projects and sharing what you have learned. You could use this in any unit as a formative or summative assessment. For example my kids could do a project on one of Netwon's laws. After learning and doing some labs, they have to research and report using the research tools and then narrating or using text to teach about their findings. I would have my kids move from group to group sharing their 2-3 minute presentations, then swap and learn. Great stuff.