Great Ed Tech Tool!

Submitted 1 year ago
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To say the least, it is a creative tool that engages children and offers different tools to complete the assignments, which serves as a form of Augmentation as shown in the SAMR Model. I would only suggest to make sure younger students spend time familiarizing themselves with the app because it can be quite tricky for the little ones at first, but once they got it down tasks will be completed faster.

How I Use It

I was a teacher's assistant for LAUSD when the whole pandemic situation struck, so it was quite difficult having to adapt from in-person to virtual learning in a blink of an eye; nevertheless, we did it! Seesaw was one of the apps that I used with my first-grade class. We mainly used it to work on assignments, assessments, and reading comprehension passages assigned by the teacher. For instance, one of the assignments the students had to complete was blending! Students were asked to look at an image, build the word by blending, and record themselves repeating it. This is ideal for both small-group and individual group work depending on the student's need for assistance.